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Efficient, reliable, and professional taxation service to small businesses, investor groups, and Non-Resident Owners of US Real Estate

Our Services

Owner Accounting Services is unique in being able to provide specialist taxation services for clients in the US and in the UK. Our service extends to US non residents who own vacation property in the US and to those who own and operate small businesses throughout the US. Likewise, in the UK, we file UK tax returns for individuals and produce accounts for small businesses.

We offer an up-to-date, professional service in all aspects of finance and accounting. Having worked in this business for many years, both in the UK and in Florida, we are able to offer clients the benefit of our overall knowledge.

We work hard for our clients to save them money and ensure that they remain tax compliant.

Listed below are some of the taxation services we provide for clients:-

Individual Tax Returns and Accounts Preparation Service - U.S.

  1. Preparation and filing of annual U.S. Federal Tax Returns (1040NRs) for US non residents. (We ensure that federal tax returns are timely and accurately filed and that all available deductions are claimed)
  2. Preparation of FIRPTA documentation, required by the IRS when you sell your property

Business Services - United States

  1. Small Business Tax returns , Corporations LLC’s S Corporations etc
  2. Formation of US Corporations
  3. Business plans for E2- L1 Visa Applications
  4. Business valuation assistance

Business and Individual Tax Returns, Accounts Preparation Service - U.K.

  1. Preparation of UK Self Assessments Individuals
  2. Small Business tax returns (Companies, LLP’s Partnerships etc)
  3. Formation of UK Companies LLP’s Partnerships etc
  4. Filing of Statutory Accounts for UK Entities with Companies House
  5. Consultancy Work
  6. Business Plans for Banks etc
  7. Help and Advice on Bookkeeping and record keeping
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