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Notable dates for 2010


  • U.S. Mortgage lenders and Banks mail out form 1098 showing interest paid for the year (We require a copy of this form when we prepare your Tax Returns)
  • Management Company annual statements are normally received for the preceding year.
  • Owner Accounting Services issues tax questionnaire to all clients. This form can now be downloaded from our website.
  • Tangible Personal Property tax forms are mailed out (please contact us if you require help in completing this form)


  • The IRS may issue blank Tax Return forms/ 1040NRs (Please discard this paperwork, as our company will use specialist tax software)


  • Tangible Personal Property Tax returns are prepared. New owners are required to complete this document. After the first year of ownership, it will no longer be a requirement to complete this return, unless the furniture values exceed $25,000.


  • 2009 Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property Returns are deemed delinquent if not paid and penalties and interest will be due.
  • After April 6th 2010, Owner Accounting Services will prepare the foreign supplement to your UK self assessment upon request.


  • June 15th is final date for filing 2009 Non Resident Tax Returns


  • The County where your property is located send out TRIM notices (assessments for Real Estate Property Taxes)


  • Local Business Tax receipt (Formerly Occupational Licence) is due for renewal before 30th. September 2010.


  • 2010 Property Tax and Personal Tangible Property Tax bills are mailed out Payment is due before 31st March 2011 - early payment will attract some discount.
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